Catrine Bo’ Griffith


Learning from her own experience after being stopped a few seconds before attempting to kill her father, Catrine wants to helps others in the same distress she once found herself. LEARN MORE

Nancy Loving

Board of Advisors

Nancy Loving worked in Washington, DC for 35 years for a variety of national non-profit organizations and several global public relations firms. Recently, she was CEO of a national women’s health advocacy organization, WomenHeart. LEARN MORE

Anita Womack​


An award-winning documentary filmmaker and former journalist who lives in Brooklyn. She worked with reputed brands like HBO, The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal. LEARN MORE

Adrian W. salman

Board of Advisors

Adrian Wathec Salman is a journalist and international filmmaker. As an American citizen with the Syrian origins , violent conflicts have always deeply affected him. So he is on the voyage of spreadingg awarenesses about violence through his ventures of all kind. LEARN MORE

Hector M. Cabrera


Hector is a retired accounting associate. He is a big believer in making a difference in the world, and he supports many organizations and charities that are making a difference. LEARN MORE


Board of Advisors

She is an Energy Intuitive based out of Los Angeles who helps individuals free themselves from long-held inner and outer struggles. She is primarily trained in healing modalities like Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Energy Healing. LEARN MORE