Our Team Members

Catrine Bo’ Griffith

President. Catrine Bo' Griffith launched Life Target, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, with the intention of creating new tools to help saving lives in America, when a person has the intention to hurt or kill another. Using her own experience after being stopped a few seconds before attempting to kill her father, Catrine wants to give back to the people in the same distress she once found herself.

Hector M. Cabrera

Accountant. Hector is a retired accounting associate. He is a big believer in making a difference in the world, and he supports many organizations and charities that are making a difference. Hector M. Cabrera is no stranger to the accounting world, having spent 30 years in accounts receivable and payable and was also responsible for training and the oversight of employees. Hector M. Cabrera offers worked at Capital Blue Cross, Action Machinery and Grant’s Electrical and Plumbing Supplies, to name a few. He is passionate about what Life Target plans to provide for people.

Anita Womack​

Secretary. Anita Womack is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and former journalist who lives in Brooklyn. She served as an Associate Producer on HBO’s Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks. Anita earned a Peabody Award as an Associate Producer for HBO Sports’ Ali-Frazier I: One Nation Divisible, which looked at Ali and Frazier’s first fight in 1971 and how their rivalry started. She worked for over 12 years as a reporter, having worked at The Associated Press and Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal.​

Adrian wathec salman

Board of Advisors. Adrian Wathec Salman is a journalist and international filmmaker. "As an American citizen (Syrian origins), violent conflicts have always deeply affected him. The reason why I whole-heartedly support Life Target is because it is about turning a person's anger or fear around so as not to harm anyone and turn to constructive actions, rather than destructive ones. I think that preventive counseling is urgently needed before a person gets violent. Life Target can open up new ways of educating individuals, so they make healthy choices rather than resort to violence. Thanks to Life Target with Catrine Bo' Griffith's participation, possible offenders are able to open up to healing. Life Target also gets us to open our minds to responsibility, integrity and compassion as members of the community. I believe that Life Target's concept is one of the best social and human objectives that the American society can focus on and should really take it into consideration for its important message."

Nancy Loving

Board of Advisors. Nancy Loving worked in Washington, DC for 35 years for a variety of national non-profit organizations and several global public relations firms. Recently, she was CEO of a national women’s health advocacy organization, WomenHeart; directed a national program that reshaped police agency response to domestic violence cases; and worked on four Presidential campaigns. She has special expertise in communications strategy, media relations and crisis management. She graduated from Chestnut Hill College, holds a masters degree from Bryn Mawr College and attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “L.T. is an innovative and exciting new approach to violence prevention, something America desperately needs.”​


Board of Advisors. I am an Energy Intuitive based out of Los Angeles California who helps individuals free themselves from long-held inner and outer struggles. I am trained in many healing modalities but I predominately use a combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Energy Healing. The secret to my healing work is my ability to access a strong connection with each client’s authentic self, which I call the inner-being. It is in inner baggage clogging our connection with the inner-being that makes life a struggle, not life itself. I work with my clients to clear out this inner baggage on the deepest level and get them in sync with their divine truth. As each individual reconnects with their inner-being, their outside world starts to transform too. I am honored to be part of Life Target because I deeply believe in its mission. In my work I have found time and time again that healing happens when you create a loving space for challenging emotions and that is exactly what Life Target wants.