Community Need

When a crime happens, victims are always the prime concern. The media, the police, the District Attorneys, the nurses and doctors, social workers and therapists rush to the victims to provide their services and help. People express their great empathy for the victims and they want to do anything in their power to support the victims. The news coverage about the victims is widespread and the more we see it, the stronger the urge is to offer help and show the victims caring and support. This explains why there are so many service agencies and programs that provide support directly to victims of all kinds of crimes, such as rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, and gang activity. There is no doubt that it is a great thing about this country that it has a well-developed system available to victims.

What about the offenders? Do we have a system for them, other than the criminal justice system? We have forensic counselors, who have DAs and police officers, and we have the jail system, but these all come after the crime has happened and the harm has been done. People cannot stop wondering: how did someone become a murderer or an offender? What happened to them that led to the killing? Are there any clues that someone is about to lose control and commit a crime? Would they have changed their mind if given an opportunity to do so?