At the age of 9, after many terrible emotional and physical family encounters, I decided to find a way to get my father to be as far away as possible from my family and me. From that moment he became my target of attention. For two years, I came up with one plan after another. For many reasons, all my plans were aborted. It wasn’t until during one of my family’s regular physical altercations, I took what I thought for some time was my last resort. I said to myself: “Enough! I am going to kill him now!” I went straight to the kitchen, took a knife in my hand, fully intending to kill my father. I was then 11 years old.

I was lucky enough that my older brother stopped me, a few seconds before striking.

Today, years after, I do not want my story to stay anonymous any longer. I don’t want anyone else to come as close as I did to committing murder.

That is why I created Life Target to open up the conversation, that with the right professional intervention, we have the capacity to get to a healthy outcome without feeling defeated if we do not hit our target. Shifting our fear or hateful intentions is totally doable to ease us back on track to normalcy.

In order to accomplish that, we need to break one of the oldest taboos and speak about the desire to kill. I believe that many people want to be talked out of hurting or killing someone.

But rather than judging, punishing or pushing people into silence, we should instead help them find solutions to interrupt feelings such as fear, rage or revenge. It is important that people dealing with these emotions know that they are not alone and can ask for help.  Life Target aims to inform that preventive emotional healing is working and can provide information about resources where a person can feel safe when seeking help.

As the president of Life Target, I feel that as a society we need to explore additional options to intercept violence, such as emotional counseling, community support, educative awareness and an anonymous prevention hotline and text line.

These options will provide people who are at their most vulnerable time, outlets other than violence.

As a public speaker, my main message is my personal and successful experience that the thought of hurting or killing can be turned into a healthy conversation and not become a harmful act.

I thank you for your support and invite you to participate in Life Target, in any way you can.

Help us to make it all happen!

Sincerely yours,

               Catrine Bo’ Griffith

Founder, Life Target