Our Mission!


At the age of 9, I began searching for a way to get rid of my father. And during one of my family’s regular physical altercations I decided it was enough and put my desire into place:

“I am going to kill him!” I went straight to the kitchen, took a knife in my hand, fully intending to kill my father. I was 11 years old.

I have kept my experience of wanting to kill and being stopped seconds before doing so, and the effects of that decision at that moment and in my future.

When the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts occurred (December 14, 2012 when 26 people were killed – 27 including the shooter) a passion stirred within me to take action.

That dreadful event triggered the beginning of an idea that culminated in Life Target by seeing the possibility of creating a service for people who may be contemplating doing harm to another – a safe place to call to get counseling, thus preventing the harm from taking place.

I believe that many people want to be talked out of hurting or killing someone. My goal is to shine a light on this sensitive and taboo subject. It is important that people dealing with these emotions know that they are not alone.

As the president of the non-profit organization Life Target our goal is to create an anonymous hotline where people can receive immediate counseling to interrupt the cycle of violence.

Life Target’ mission is to create a new tool to save lives in America when a person has the intention to hurt another, especially with guns. The tool is a Hotline, giving instant help to a person planning to hurt another.

Life Target Hotline will be a safe place as all calls to the Hotline will be kept confidential and callers can choose to be anonymous.

Life Target’s trained professional counselors will provide judgment-free intervention and subsequent counseling if requested.

Note: suicide hotlines exist to help people to prevent their own death; Life Target‘s purpose is to prevent people to kill others.

Life Target will be set up and prepared to provide immediate emergency support to help if anyone has the urge to hurt someone in his/her community, in any situation.

Life Target will be set up to counsel anyone in need of its service, regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion or politics.

I thank you for your support and invite you to participate in Life Target, in any way you can

Sincerely yours,
Catrine Bo’ Griffith